Stories We Tell

Stories We Tell (قصص تحكى) is a new TV show that premiered this Ramadan on Noor TV. It follows the lives of people living in the United Arab Emirates, who share memories or quirky stories and giving the viewer an insight into the lives of ordinary people here. The show includes people of different ages and nationalities and a true reflection of hardworking people that live here.

We are so exposed to the so called 'glamorous' side of Abu Dhabi and Dubai and we forget there are regular folks going about their everyday lives across the United Arab Emirates. 

The show is in Arabic language, but I hope a sub-titled version will be available soon because it would be great to reach the non-Arabic speaking audience here. 

The series is an ongoing project and is looking for anyone that has anything interesting to share to be part of this show. Send an email to to submit your story and to get more information. 

Here's selection of teaser trailers. As soon as full episodes are available online, I will share them with you.  


Timings (Dubai time):
Friday 2.30pm
Tuesday 1.30pm
Saturday 11.00am