STAR TOO - Is It Real?

STAR TOO is an experimental theatre project based in Dubai. They will be performing their latest production this weekend on 25th and 26th May at The Fridge . Their titles of their past four productions have been questions, like Who Did It? and Where is Home? Their latest production continues to ask questions - Is It Real?

The STAR TOO performers will be stretching their imagination, using only cloth and sticks to transform the environment and answer this question for themselves. 

Is It Real?

Combining a giant projector box, shadow puppet theatre and a 360 degree experience for the audience - this experimental theatre troupe is asking you to get ready to be boxed in to think out of it for their 5th production at The Fridge.

I've missed out on STAR TOO's last four productions, so hoping not to miss this one. Sounds like it will be an interesting experience. 

Event Details

Dates: Friday, 25th and Saturday 26th May at 8.30pm 

Ticket: Dhs 50

Location: The Fridge Dubai, Al Quoz (location map)

Phone: +971 4 347 7793