Société Perrier Dubai

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Ahem...ahem... I have a small announcement to make. Société Perrier invited me to be one of their Luminaries for the new Société Perrier Dubai website.

"Société Perrier is the global enthusiast's source for engaging content and great events. Curating the best in nightlife, art, music, fashion, travel, mixology and cocktail culture, Sociéte Perrier is the trusted arbiter of what's hot around the world. When you see the Sociéte Perrier seal, you know you are in the right place."

The Luminaries from the different cities represented on the website are "chosen from a select group of top influencers and culture tastemakers and represent the Société Perrier lifestyle both in their work and everyday lives."

So needless to say, I feel very honoured to be selected and my role as a "luminary" will be to work closely with the Société Perrier editors in shaping the content on So look out for my posts there (and lots of photos of me with Perrier bottles ...  just kidding).

Please do visit the site for updates on events in Dubai and for interviews with some interesting people in the fashion, nightlife, arts and culture scene.

Here's a screenhsot from the Luminaries section in Société Perrier Dubai, I'm the one with the lights on my face. [Note to self, must get a professional portrait.]

Societe Perrier Dubai Website.png