Slidefest X - 15th May 2013

The tenth edition of Slidefest organised by Gulf Photo Plus is on this Wednesday, 15th May at 7pm in the Knowledge Village Auditorium. Slidefest started in 2009 and it's so great to see that it will celebrate 10 editions this week. Over the past few years, Slidefest has been a showcase of some very good photography projects, most of it from the region.

If you are new to Slidefest, it's an event organised by Gulf Photo Plus where photographers present their personal projects, from documentary projects to fine art, still-life and landscape images. The event also aims to bring photographers (amateurs and pros) and people from the photography community together where people can network, connect and share stories.

Here's the line up for this edition: 

Christopher Pike


© Christopher Pike

Majlis al Jinn: Gathering Place of Spirits is a series chronicling the escapades of the Middle East Caving and Expeditionary Team (MECET), who in their first year of existence, took on a quite serious cave system, (which includes the ninth largest cave chamber in the world), on the Selma Plateau 100km south-east of Muscat in the Sultanate of Oman.

The system has seen few visitors with less then half a dozen known teams having ever entered the far reaches of the caves. All but one member are new to caving and at an average of -200 meters underground any mistake can be very serious if not deadly, luckily though the group has survived thus far and has learnt from food/water shortages, hyperthermia, flooding caves among many other valuable lessons.

The series looks at the beauty of darkness as well as what it takes to survive deep underground in Oman.

Edwin Koo


© Edwin Koo

Swat Valley, nestled in the northwest of Pakistan, was once known as the “Switzerland of the East”. Renowned for its natural beauty, hospitable people and surreal tranquillity, men and women from all over the world flocked to its folds, in search of paradise on earth.

Today, nobody goes to Swat. The valley was first scourged by the terror of the Taliban, then by Pakistan’s worst flood in history. Very little of “paradise” remain. The conflict and subsequent hardship endured by the people of Swat had robbed them of their paradise. Innocence, once lost, could never again be found.

Melina Mitri



The #webuiltthiscity initiative is first and foremost dedicated to the founding fathers of the UAE and the current rulers who continue their legacy.  Inspired by National Day, participants uploaded images of places, people and moments captured through out the UAE.

Uploading them to Instagram with the hashtag #webuiltthiscity the initative resulted is a variety of unique perspectives of the UAE, a selection of which are being shared at Slidefest.

Nicolas Dumont


© Nicolas Dumont

Nicolas has worked as a professional photographer for more than 21 years, and has based himself in the United Arab Emirates since 1991. Specializing in photography for the hospitality sector, his portrait series is a break from his professional subject matter.

In a unique approach to portraits, Nicolas convinced his subjects to allow him to drench them in water for an unusual and striking series of portraits.

Imran Ahmed


© Imran Ahmed

Having grown up in the UAE in the 70's Imran remembers Dubai as a different city then what stands today.  Presenting a collection of images capturing the Kushti wrestling that occurs on Fridays in Deira, Imran aims to share the nostalgia that the events bring to him, of childhood days gone by, playing in wide open dusty playgrounds.


Sami Al Tokhais


© Sami Al Tokhais

The last week in Sami’s month-long stay in Guatemala was Semana Santa or Holy Week.  During Holy Week, thousands of people participate in processions, which are inspired by Biblical passages.

These processions include people walking in a formal and ceremonial manner carrying lifelike wooden sculptures that represent events from the “Passion of Christ.” Sami covered Holy Thursday in the town of Antigua, and Good Friday in the capital, Guatemala City.

Sebastian Opitz


© Sebastian Opitz

Originally from Hamburg, Germany, it was here in Dubai that Sebastian discovered his interest in architectural photography, which became the focus of his interest now and for the last three years.  

After working on a number of architectural photography assignments throughout the region, Sebastian interest has turned to timelapse photography.  Capturing stunning time lapses of the city, Sebastian has focused on the city of Dubai for his 2013 personal project.  

In a nutshell, he intends to present Dubai as a futuristic city on a planet in a distant galaxy.

Stephan Geyer


© Stephan Geyer

Born in Barcelona, Stephan Geyer immigrated to Latin America with his family at an early age and grew up living in 3 continents. Stephan began photographing at a very young age with a Minolta film camera his father gave him.

Largely self-taught, travel and photography were two passions that began at a young age for Geyer. Traveling recently to Nepal, Geyer will share images of the stunning landscapes encountered along his journey through Island Peak.


Event details:

Date: Wednesday, 15th May, doors open at 7pm, Slidefest begins at 7.30pm.

Location: Knowledge Village Auditorium, Dubai (location map)

Free entry