Singapore Diary - The Heritage Shop

The Heritage Shop is a treasure trove for people that like to collect objects and antiques. Even if you don't go in to buy anything, it's great for browsing.

Patrick Phoa, the owner of The Heritage Shop told me his customers include instititions like the National Museum of Singapore and schools. His shop has been written about in several international and inflight magazines, he proudly showed me some of the magazines and expressed how much he enjoys the free publicity and proud to be listed as one of the places to visit in these articles. 

When he found out I'm from Dubai, he quickly told me a sheikh from Qatar recently visited his shop and whipped out his phone to show me photos he took from that visit.

We also talked about the heritage areas of the city and how old buildings are maintained and protected. I really enjoyed my chat with Patrick Phoa and I bought a few postcards, the lightest objects I could put in my suitcase.

If you're ever in Singapore, do make time to visit The Heritage Shop. 

These are the postcards I bought.

Mr and Mrs Phoa

Here are more photos from inside The Heritage Shop.

All photos © Hind Mezaina.


The Heritage Shop
93 Jalan Sultan
Singapore, 198997