Singapore Diary - National Museum of Singapore

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The National Museum of Singapore has six permanent exhibitions dedicated to the history of Singapore. Singapore celebrated its Golden Jubilee last year, which might explain why there are many Singapore themed exhibitions in the city.

At the museum, there's the Singapore National Gallery which starts from 1299 and goes up to 1945.

We Built a Nation exhibition looks at the first 10 years of independence (1965–1975) that shaped Singapore’s history, and the important roles played by the founding leaders in developing Singapore’s economy, foreign policy and diplomacy, security and defence, education and infrastructure. Most importantly, it pays it "pays tribute to Lee Kuan Yew’s contributions to Singapore, and the ideals and convictions that shaped him and his generation of leaders".

There is a lot to see and learn about Singapore and its turbulent history from these exhibitions. The other four exhibitions, listed below, ended up being my favourites, especially Growing Up which included objects and stories I could relate to. I guess we all played with similar toys and as teens were drawn to film and music to escape.

I also really like Voices of Singapore which looks at the cultural history of Singapore between 1975 and 1985.

Here are photos I took and you can read about each exhibition by clicking on each title.

Modern Colony 1925 - 1935

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