Singapore Diary - From the Stacks at the National Library

From the Stacks is the main exhibition at the National Library which takes up most of the 10th floor. It includes more than 100 highlights from the National Library’s collection of rare publications, manuscripts, documents, maps, photographs. I really liked the curation of this exhibition, it was spread out to give enough breathing space for each section. 

I really hope the upcoming Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Library in Dubai will include a collection that's inclusive and (half) as good as this.

About From the Stacks:

Documents, publications and photographs from Singapore’s early days reveal fascinating insights into our history and culture. For instance, an 1819 document on the establishment of Malay College reveals how Raffles envisioned Singapore not just as a commercial hub but also as a centre for learning, culture and the arts.

Early literary works, religious tracts and dictionaries point to a thriving publishing industry in Singapore with printing presses run by English missionaries, Chinese literati and Muslim publishers. Cross-cultural exchanges, which have always been an element of Singapore society, gave rise to the first ‘fusion’ recipes in early cookbooks such as The Mem’s Own Cookery Book, published in 1929. As Singapore came into its own, discussions and debates about the Singapore identity are reflected in early 20th century magazines and 1950s poetry. 

Here are some photos I took, they don't do justice to the exhibition. If you live in Singapore or plan to visit before 28th August 2016, make sure you don't miss this. 

The Library's Firsts

Mapping Land and Sea

For the Love of Science

Do You Speak Malay?

A Tour of the Crown Colony

War and Peace

A Singapore-Printed Quran

Proper English

Handy in the Kitchen