Ryan Doyle Parkour Workshop in Dubai

Ryan Doyle, freerunner and parkour practitioner extraordinaire will be running a parkour workshop in Dubai, in Bastakiya on 7th January 2013

If you will be in that neighbourhood on the day, expect to see some brave folks jumping from rooftops, runnng up walls and basically doing some crazy cool moves. 

Ryan Doyle's latest journey has taken the Englishman to Dubai, where he is walking, parkour-ing and free running the rooftops of Bastakiya as part of a workshop. While Dubai is on the rise so is Ryan as he 'jumps' and 'flips' his way across the city teaching local athletes about his art. (via Redbull)

Here are some clips from Ryan Doyle's trips to other cities around the world, part of the Ryan Doyle Travel Story

Ryan Doyle in Brazil 

Ryan Doyle in Peru

Ryan Doyle in Jordan

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If you live in the UAE and interested in parkour, there is a UAE Parkour organistation, this is their website, www.uaeparkour.com