Rolling Stone Middle East - Street to Stage

Street to Stage is an online music competition by Rolling Stone Middle East magazine.

The competition started on 12th August with 15 finalists who went through a weekly public online voting process. The finalists shared songs and music videos every week, and acts with the least votes got eliminated on a weekly basis.

The last stage of the competition was announced yesterday and the top three finalists will perform in Dubai at Hard Rock Cafe on Friday, 20th September in front of a panel who will select one Street to Stage winner. The prize for the winning act includes editorial coverage in Rolling Stone Middle East magazine and mentorship from Sony Music.

I've been following this competition for the past few weeks, and whilst most of the music sounds very 'radio friendly', I'm glad to see there's an initiative to encourage and promote new and aspiring musicians and songwriters from/living in the region.

Here are the three finalists, check out their music and if you're in Dubai on 20th September, go and show some support. I'm looking forward to seeing them live.

The Boxtones

The Boxtones are a five-piece band from Scotland and Canada based in Dubai with an edgy pop-rock sound. With male and female lead vocals as well as a female drummer these guys are as entertaining in line up as they are musically. Gary, the guitarist and one half of the lead vocals, has been prolifically writing music with catchy melodies since he was a geeky 10-year-old. The rest of the guys contribute a nice chunky feel, harmonies galore and a high-energy performance.

The Boxtones are currently working on their debut album In the Pockets of Clowns, which is an eclectic mix of their finest material, due for release in early October. (via Rolling Stone Street to Stage)

The Boxtones - Circusarium

Craig Perry

Craig Perry is an English singer-songwriter and musician. A talented piano player and accomplished guitarist, Craig’s music covers a variety of emotions and styles; influences range from Damien Rice and David Gray to Muse and Beethoven. Craig studied music and songwriting in the U.K. and has been writing for over 10 years. Now living in the U.A.E., he has recently been performing at local events and competitions with ongoing success and a following of people keen to hear more. (via Rolling Stone Street to Stage)

Craig Perry - Mrs. Stevenson


Stitch first came together in 2010 when Jehad joined Ghassan, Sleman and Hakam, they soon started practicing together and covering music with different genres searching for a genre they could all connect with. In 2013, Stitch started writing and recording their own music, they released their first track “Out of You” in May, and hope it serves as a strong statement of what Stitch is about. (via Rolling Stone Street to Stage)

Stitch - You Know That I Want It (Another Day)

The flyer for the grand final on Friday, 20th September at Hard Rock Cafe Dubai: