Rock Camp for Girls in the UAE

For more than three years, Zahra Soar hosted a weekly radio show on Dubai Eye to showcase regional musical talent. While many musicians appeared on the show, very few female musicians came into the studio.

To help address this imbalance, Zahra has founded Dubai’s first Rock Camp for Girls, a not-for-profit five-day course for 16 locally based girls of all nationalities between the ages of seven and 17.

The premise is simple: pick up an instrument, form a band, write a song and perform it in front of friends and family on the final day. The girls will be split into four bands, each guided by its own experienced mentor including well known singers/musicians from the region, Noush Like Sploush and Fatiniza.

This is not a music camp. This is purely a not-for-profit mentoring program that will empower girls and galvanise them into action. If a student graduates from Rock Camp for Girls with greater confidence to perform, and wants to form her own band, then we have done our job. Zahra Soar, the camp organiser

Co-organiser Rasha Omar, Arabic content manager for music site Triple W agrees. She also wants to see more female bands in the Middle East.

There is fantastic talent in the region, and some brilliant female musicians. But, in my opinion, we should be working towards the point where it is absolutely normal to see more girls embracing music. It’s not just about empowerment, but it’s also about boosting confidence and providing the right stepping stone – and with a great group of mentors who will be teaching the kids, we hope to see great results. Rasha Omar, co-organiser

Alongside band rehearsals, the 16 girls will attend a series of specialised workshops, with instruction on setting up PA systems, creating press kits, as well as courses on rock history and lectures on prominent women in the music industry.

On Thursday, 29th August, at the end of the five-day workshop, there will be a finale, which will tie together everything the girls have learned with a headline performance at thejamjar in Al Quoz.

Rock Camp for Girls will take place at In The Mix studios from 25th-29th August 2013, from 9am to 1pm daily. Numbers are strictly limited to 16 girls and the camp package is AED 999 all inclusive.

Parents can contact Zahra Soar to book or for more information:

Phone: +97155 935 9982