RobinSukroso at the Chill Out Festival 2012

Over the next week or so, I will share with you some of the acts I'm looking forward to at the upcoming Chill Out Festival which I wrote about two days ago

I will start with Robin Sukroso, a Berlin based musician who is a "One Man Band" influenced by the electronic music culture of Berlin and also an inventor of a new type of guitar called the Acpad Guitar. His aim is to combine electro and acoustic using one musical equipment. 

Without turntables only using one guitar, RobinSukroso could be considered a very unusual “Live Dj” in Berlin. His own invention “The Acpad Guitar” enables him to lead smoothly from one song to another like a dj, through a long night of dancing. Musically and technically, he closes the gap between acoustic and electronic music.

You can watch him in action here.

I quite like it (except for the "Hey ya, hey ya" part that comes towards the end). 

But there's a bit of a sad story - RobinSukroso's equipment and guitar invention was stolen after his last gig in Berlin. He is now hoping to raise some funds through a crowd funding wesbite,

You can watch RobinSukroso talk about it in the video below. Not sure what will he bring with him to Dubai when he performs at the Chillout Festival. Guess I will wait and see.

RobinSukroso is one of the supporting acts on the second day of the Chill Out Festival, on Saturday 21st April. 


Ticket details:

One Day Pass Advance AED 200 | Door AED 250

Two Day Pass Advance AED 350

Online tickets are available from: and

Tickets are also available in the following locations in Dubai: 

Virgin Megastores, Zoom, Souk Madinat Jumeirah Box Office, EPPCO and ENOC