RIP Lauren Bacall

Farewell Lauren Bacall. I love this from Glenn Kenny's tribute to Lauran Bacall

She had a life full of rough patches that she bore with grace, and in her later years she impressed and sometimes terrified as an interview subject who brooked no bullshit and told it like she saw it, even to the extent of tattling a bit on her discoverer Mr. Hawks. And she was also Lauren Bacall, for heaven's sake.

She made being Lauren Bacall look pretty...heavy, actually. But also fun. How could it not have been, even if only a little bit? 

Watch this Charlie Rose interview with Lauren Bacall from 1994. She talks about her life, her career, love, companionship, pleasures of being alone - the importance of learning to live alone, friendship, her fears and not dwelling on the past. 

RIP Lauren Bacall 1924-2014