RIP Jonathan Demme

RIP Jonathan Demme, 22nd February 1944 - 26the April 2017.

Via The Jonathan Demme Close-Up by Jacob T. Swinney

Demme's approach to the close-up is effective on many emotional levels, and this is largely due to the eye/lens relationship. When Dr. Hannibal Lecter hisses at Agent Clarice Starling, we feel equally victimized. As Andrew Beckett succumbs to AIDS, we feel an overwhelming sensation of sympathy. These characters seem to be looking at us, and we therefore connect on a deeper level. Examining a Demme close-up out of context may seem like breaking the fourth wall, but within the film, Demme utilizes the shots so naturally and fluidly that we never leave the cinematic realm. 

Jonathan Demme has lots of good movies to his name, but I will leave you with this New Order video he directed mid 1980s. You can read about and see more music videos by him here.