RIP Chris Marker

Sad news about Chris Marker's death. It was his birthday yesterday and today he passed away. I was planning to write a post about him and his work to celebrate his birthday, but alas, I now write this post to remember him and my favourite film by him.

La Jetée was my introduction to Chris Marker's world. A short film made of photographs (except for one scene of a moving image - a very memorable moment for any first time viewer). 

I plan to watch it again along with Sans Soleil (and any other film he's made I can get my hands on).

Here's a short documentary about Chris Marker. 

A 10 min docu in English about unique French director Chris Marker, the man behind 'La Jetée' and 'Sans Soleil' aka. 'Sunless'. Includes Michael Shamberg and Terry Gilliam interviews.

And if you've never watched La Jetée, I urge you to watch it now. (Here's a great video essay about the film from