RIP Bobby Farrell

Photo credit: Abaca - Agrandir

Photo credit: Abaca - Agrandir

I found out a few hours ago that Bobby Farrell from Boney M passed away at the age of 61. He was found dead in his room at the St Petersburg's Ambassador.

From The Guardian

His agent, John Seine, said that "heart problems, shortage of breath and problems with his stomach" had plagued the performer for 10 years, but had never dented his love of performing live. A natural showman, Farrell made slick dance routines and exotic costumes as much a part of Boney M appearances as the music. From The Guardian

Boy did he some dance moves. I always thought he followed the philospophy of dance as if no one's watching. He really looked like he was having such a great time on stage.

My sisters and I use to listen and dance to Boney M songs when we were young. So Boney M's music has a special place in my memory. I will never forget Farrell's contribution to the band, his husky voice and his dance moves, no one could pull off dancing in a ruffled cape like he could.

My brother told me Bobby Farrell was in a Roger Sanchez's Turn On The Music video a few years ago. It ends with this quote by him,

I'm a true performer at heart, give me a good tune and I'm ready! This is what I do and will do till the end of my days.


RIP Daddy Cool.