RIP Agnès Varda

RIP Agnès Varda, May 30, 1928 - March 29, 2019.

Farewell to the wonderful and iconic Agnès Varda. She lived and made work on her own terms, a true independent filmmaker and. She leaves us a body of work that will live on.

I am a woman working with her intuition and trying to be intelligent. It’s like a stream of feelings, intuition and joy of discovering things. Finding beauty where it’s maybe not. Seeing.

via The Gentlewoman (Autumn/Winter 2018 issue)

The above quote is from the last interview I read with Agnès Varda in the Autumn/Winter 2018 issue of The Gentlewoman. I bought the magazine because she was on the cover. You can read the interview here.

Agnes Varda_The Gentlewoman_Cover.jpg

If you are not familiar with or not had access to Agnès Varda’s films till now, MUBI currently has the following films available to stream online (at least in the UAE) and I strongly urge you to make time to watch them.

You can also find a few of Agnes Varda’s films on dafilms, Fandor and Kanopy. Seek them out wherever you can and watch them.

I leave you with this Fandor video about her work.