Re-release of Theeb in cinemas across the Middle East

The Jordanian film "Theeb" by Naji Abu Nowar has had quite a journey since it's premiere two years ago. It recently won a BAFTA for Outstanding Debut By A British Writer and is included in the list of Academy Award® Nominees for Best Foreign Language Film.

With 88th Academy Award® just around the corner, Theeb is getting re-released in cinemas across the Middle East to offer old and new audineces to watch the film.

The film has already been screened in Lebanon and Egypt and this is the rest of the schedule.

  • Tunisia| Thursday, 24th February for 1 week
  • Oman| Thursday, 25th February in MGM City Cinemas in Muscat for 1 week 
  • Qatar | Friday, 26th February in Museum of Islamic Arts in Doha for 1 day
  • UAE| Thursday, 3rd March in VOX Yas Mall cinema in Abu Dhabi for 1 week
  • Kuwait | Thursday, 17th  March in Cinescape in Kuwait City for 1 week



I strongly urge you to watch this film at the cinema. It's one that must be watched on the big screen in a proper cinema. Referred to many as a Bedouin Western, it's one that will be on lists of top Arab Films for years to come. With the recent surge of the western genre in cinema (with films like Slow West, Bone Tomahawk and The Hateful Eight) make sure you add Theeb to your list.

I'm quite disappointed to see it's not showing in Dubai, but will try my best to watch it in Abu Dhabi.

Theeb made my list of favourite films in 2014 and look forward to revisiting it.

Set in the Arabian Desert of 1916, the film follows Theeb, a young Bedouin boy, and his brother Hussein as they leave the safety of their tribe to venture on a treacherous journey at the dawn of the Great Revolt. If Theeb is to survive he must quickly learn about adulthood, trust and betrayal.