Photo review of Unseen Photo Fair 2014

The 3rd edition of Unseen Photo Fair took place from 18th-21st September 2014. It was my second time attending the fair (you can see my photo review from last year here). 

The fair is known as a "fair with a festival flair" and it is one of the better art fairs I've attended. Besides the actual art fair, Unseen had a packed schedule of talks, side projects and the very popular book market. 

Here are some of my highlights from this year. 


The following is a collection of work seen in the galleries section of the fair including some of my favourites. 

Adam Jeppesen - Zion canyon, 2014 (Galerie van der Mieden) 


Hannah Whitaker - Red 666, 2013 (Galerie Christophe Gaillard)

Isaac Julien, Horizon, from the series Playtime, 2013 (Galerie Ron Mandos) 


JH Engström (Grundemark Nilsson Gallery)

Julie Cockburn (The Photographers' Gallery) 

Martina Bacigalupo - Gulu Real Art Studio 13, 2013 (Camilla Grimaldi)

Mayumi Hosokura - D, magenta, from the series Crystal love Starlight, 2014 (G/P gallery)

Seung Woo Back  - RS-#001, Re-Establishing Shot, 2012 (Gana Art)

Todd Hido – From the series Excerpts From Silver Meadows (Alex Daniels - Reflex Amsterdam)

Yann Mingard – Deposit 68, Mount 10, known as The Swiss Fort Knox, 2010 (East Wing)

Unseen Collection

This is a selection of photos from Unseen Collection, an initiativeshowcasing a collection of works for prices up to EUR 1,000 contributed by galleries participating at Unseen Photo Fair 2014.  

Bill Owens - Primadonna Casino, Reno, NV, 1973, from the series Suburbia, 2012  (Alex Daniels - Reflex Amsterdam)

Fardin Waezi - Men Competing in a Bodybuilding Competition for the Title of Mr. Afghanistan, Kabul, Afghanistan, 2010 (East Wing)

Giacomo Brunelli - Untitled #6, from the series Eternal London, 2012 (The Photographers' Gallery)

Isabelle Wenzel - Ball 2, from the series The making of, 2014 (Galerie Bart) 

Lina Hashim  - 2 Years with Hijab - No Wind, from the Series No Wind - With Hijab, 2012  (East Wing)

Petra Noordkamp - Hotel Sofitel, Warschau, 2011  (Ton de Boer)

Ruth van Beek - The great blue mountain range nr 1, 2010  (Ton de Boer) 

Other highlights:

Trust the Cloud

An interactive installation where visitors were invited to ascend a 5m high escalator, generating light as they go.

“Jumping into the cloud, triggers an explosion of light. Each individual fall is bathed in its own type of light, which eventually fades away. What remains is a snapshot of a falling person, taken at the time of the jump.”

Sohei Noshino’s Diorama Map of Amsterdam

Noshino spent months shooting thousands of photographs from the city’s highest points, parks, cobbled streets and canals and a further few months back in his studio in Japan painstakingly piecing them together. The large scale installation was revealed at the fair. 

Book Market 

Festival Grounds