Photo Book Discussions at East Wing on 22nd August 2015

Blank Pages of an Iranian Photo Album, Newsha Tavakolian, published by Kehrer Verlag

East Wing will host a first of what I hope will be many events dedicated to photo books. The first photo book discussion will take place on Saturday, 22nd August at 3.00pm.  

The event will look at the book and the gallery's current exhibition "Blank Pages of an Iranian Photo Album" by Newsha Tavakolian (in preparation for the artist's visit the following week) and focus on how to build a strong visual narrative using Newsha's work as a place to start the discussion.

As an aim to foster a community of local and visiting photographers, artists and others who enjoy photography and want to learn more we begin the first in a series of bi-monthly photo book discussions in the gallery.  

The event, which will last about an hour will give those present the opportunity to look more closely at a specific photo book in conjunction with a theme.  

The discussion will last for approximately one hour and attendess will be introduced to Newsha Tavakolian's work and the discussion can be expanded on she visits the gallery next week, on Thursday, 27th August. 

This event is free to attend but you are requested to RSVP to to book your place and to arrive promptly at 3.00pm. The discussion is scheduled to last for an hour. 

Expect a separate update soon about Newsha Tavakolian's exhibition at East Wing, which you must not miss. It's on till 3rd September 2015.   

Event details

Dates: Saturday, 22nd August 2015 at 3.00pm 

Venue: East Wing, Limestone House #12, DIFC, Ritz Carlton Annex, Dubai (location map)