Performance of under the indigo dome by Ala Ebtekar and Ata Ebtekar | Screening of Beyond is Before by Deniz Uster

For the closing week of Encoutner: Listening to the City exhibition in Maraya Art Park (Al Majaz Waterfront in Sharjah), there will be a film screening and a performance on Thursday, 8th May that should not be be missed. 

Screening of Deniz Uster’s Film Beyond is Before
Time: 5:00 pm (Duration, 48 mins)
Location: Maraya Art Park, Al Majaz Waterfront (Sculptures Park) 

Deniz Uster narrates myths of an unknown future. For her latest film, she was inspired by the nomadic history of the UAE and its Bedouin oral culture that she sees as an intangible logbook with many voids left for her to fill imaginatively. Beyond is Before (2013), is set in a post-apocalyptic future, in a freezing-cold Dubai, with neither water nor oil. The protagonist is a lone Pakistani survivor travelling with his pet kitten. under the indigo dome Performance by Ala Ebtekar & Ata Ebtekar
Time: 8:50 p.m. – 10:00 p.m.
Location: Maraya Art Park, Al Majaz Waterfront (Children Art Park) 


An outdoor multi-channel audio/visual installation collaboration between Ata 'Sote' Ebtekar and Ala Ebtekar

Ala Ebtekar will transform Maraya Art Park into the Gate to All Nations; a historic landmark in Persepolis, through a multi-channel sound installation composed and programmed by electronic composer and sound artist Ata ‘Sote’ Ebtekar. At the core of this installation, Ebtekar will use the obsolete technology of phonograph cylinders (one of the earliest mediums to record and reproduce sound) with seven wax cylinders, each containing a unique rcording.

From cylinder to cylinder, from clay to wax, from cuneiform to the sound of the first recorded voice, under the indigo dome draws parallels between inscription and recording from two different eras, cultures and moments marked by innovation. Through additional performances and readings, under the indigo dome explores connections between the legacy of this ancient object and the contemporary moment.

Ata ‘Sote’ Ebtekar composes seven movements for under the indigo dome, which can be experienced separately on their own, as well as a simultaneous multi-channel playback for an extended in depth electro-acoustic work, utilizing micro-tunings of Persian classical music and children’s voices within an electronic framework. The videos of the young participants are played on suspended devices, becoming stars in the landscape of the sound sculpture.

Location map to Maraya Art Park, Al Majaz Waterfront, Sharjah.