Paris Diary - François Truffaut at La Cinémathèque Française

François Truffaut at La Cinémathèque française is an exhibition celebrating Truffaut who passed away 30 years ago. It's an exhibition for cinephiles and anyone interested in Truffaut. The exhibition's content is in French, including the catalogue, but there's enough to see and appreciate if you don't read French.

I did buy the special exhibition box set of Truffaut's movies (which luckily include English subtitles). I now need to block a few weeks to watch them all. 

Here are links to the exhibition review in English, one by the Hollywood Reporter and one by French Quarter Mag.

Exhibition trailer:  

Images from the exhibition via

A section dedicated to François Truffaut's years as a critic for film magazine Cahiers du Cinema which was published in the 1950s. The exhibition included original prints of the magazines. 

Archival material including letters and notes. 

Recordings and interviews.

A replica of François Truffaut's office.

The exhibition is on till 25th January 2015.