Oscars 2015: Arabs Crash Hollywood - Film Posters by Michel Achkar for Cinemoz


Cinemoz is an online video on demand platform that offers film from the Arab world.

Last year, Cinemoz commissioned Michel Achkar to create a series of posters in the style of classic Egyptian films, to support and celebrate the three Arab films that were nominated for an Oscar - Omar, The Square and Karama Has No Walls. You can see the posters here.

This year, Cinemoz carried on the tradition despite the lack of Arab films in the list of nominations for an Academy Awards and Michel Achkar created new posters for nine of the films nominated for an Academy Award, again following the stye of classic Egyptian film posters. (Mauritania is the only Arab country that is represented in this year's list with Abderrahmane Sissako's Timbuktu in the Best Foreign Film category - but sadly didn't get the Egyptian film poster treatment.)

The posters look good, I'd love to own a few of them. Besides the title of the films that are translated into Arabic, the posters also include the names of the director, producer(s) and actors and most of them have a funny tag line (I've included the ones that are easily translatable into English).

The Oscars ceremony takes place tonight in the US (Monday, 23rd February at 5am Dubai time).  


All posters  © Cinemoz 2015 - Original artwork by Michel Achkar.




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