One Thousand Speculations by Michel de Broin

One Thousand Speculations by artist Michel de Broin is a large and beautiful ball (7.9 metre in diameter) made of 1000 mirrors. 

It was recently seen at the Luminato Festival in Toronto where it was lifted 80-feet above the ground of each night of the festival.

"The spectacular view of the starry sky has always been a source of delight and wonder. It isn’t hard to imagine that wisdom originated in contemplating the firmament, an experience now impossible in cities because of the considerable obtrusive artificial light that prevents us from observing the stars in the heavens. 

Initially inspired by a photograph which appeared in the Los Angeles Times in 1942,“The Battle of Los Angeles”, showing anti-aircraft searchlights concentrating on Unidentified Flying Objects, the largest mirror ball ever made will be suspended from a construction crane lit by many beams of light. The one thousand mirrors will reflect the light to render and re-create the starry sky for Toronto’s citizens during the Luminato Festival." Michel de Broin

Someone please bring this to Dubai. I want to dance and sway under it.