Music Monday - Wardi

Alaa Wardi is a 24 year old Iranian musician, born, raised and living in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. This is how he describes himself on his website:

Despite all the things you might want to know about me, here's what you should know instead: I believe in music, it's a huge part of our lives, our daily lives, it helps our souls keep going for a bit longer when our minds and bodies give up. We all have music in us because we all have souls, we all receive music and we all can project. I've had the chance and the capability to share my music and I'm honored to know that I have effected someone's life simply by bringing a smile to his or her face, and that I have made one moment of his/her life slightly easier to live. For me, that's more than enough reason to keep doing what I do till I die, and I hope for more people to share with me what their souls have to say. I'm honored to be your soul mate... my listener friends.

Shalamonti Fel7al

A dance song made by voice, mouth, and body only, of course all sounds were edited, dabbled, and processed by the computer to reach their best quality.  The lyrics in this song are gibberish, they're in Arabic but they don't make any sense, and the idea behind it is that I didn't feel like it needed to talk about anything, and I didn't want to limit it to a specific idea, so I left it open for you to imagine.


Here are some other songs by Wardi, gentle melodic tunes with touching lyrics (in Arabic). The one song that is not so gentle is Garfan Bel-So3odia (Sick/Fed Up of Saudi) which sounds like a confession of a frustrated life in Riyadh. The lyrics talk about spending nights on Facebook, wanting to get a visa to go to Canada, not seeing girls in many months. I have not heard anything like it before. It's funny and sad at the same time.

6ofoletna 3aysheen 

I leave you with one last song, where I found the translated lyrics via Wardi's YouTube Channel

Who are you? Trying to mould me into something you want, something to your expectations yet I am content with myself. So let me be, odd and free.

Tell me where I can find somebody who is flawless, unblemished? Nowhere, for we all are stuck in our past, holding in our trembling inner child.

Why and tell me how we can be so obsessed with picking out others mistakes and flaws. We are all not so different, connecting to each other, holding hands of mental doubts. 

I wish, oh how I wish, we can live like children again. Full of innocence and nothing to weigh us down. The chance to have a new beginning, without threat nor fear. 

You can download Wardi's music here.

(via - a very good music site, you should check it out)