Music Monday - Take It Easy Hospital

© Julien Bourgeois

© Julien Bourgeois

I was introduced to Take It Easy Hospital's music when I watched No One Knows About Persian Cats a few days ago. This Iranian film is very good and gives you a glimpse to the underground music scene and the lives of young musicians living in Tehran who just want to rock and roll like any other young musicians around the world. Only they have to do it behind closed doors and in secret venues so that they don't get caught.

The film stars Ash Koosha and Negar Shaghahi who make up the band Take It Easy Hospital. Their music is featured in the No One Knows About Persian Cats soundtrack and for this week's Music Monday I'd like to share their songs from the film.

The band is currently based in London and at this stage unlikely to return to Iran. But I do hope they can come to Dubai, would be great to see them live.

Human Jungle

Me and You

My Sleepy Fall