Music Monday - RIP Gary Moore

© Harry Potts - Gary Moore, Manchester Apollo (1985)

© Harry Potts - Gary Moore, Manchester Apollo (1985)

This week's Music Monday is dedicated to Gary Moore, he passed away last night away while on holiday in Spain. I've not listened to any Gary Moore songs for a very long time, so I enjoyed putting this post together and remembering my favourites. Hope you enjoy it too.

I don't know guitar lingo, but boy was he one lean mean guitar playing machine.

RIP Gary Moore (1952-2011).

Parisienne Walkways

"Looking back at the photographs / Those summerdays spent outside corner cafes / Oh, I could write you paragraphs / About my old Parisienne days"

Empty Rooms

"Loneliness is your only friend / A broken heart that just won't mend / Is the price you pay / It's hard to take when love grows old / The days are long and the nights turn cold / When it fades away."

Over The Hills And Far Away

"Over the hills and far away / She prays he will return one day / As sure as the rivers reach the seas / Back in her arms is where he'll be"

Wild Frontier

"I remember my city streets / Before the soldiers came / Now armoured cars and barricades / Remind us of our shame "

Friday On My Mind

"Tonight, I'll paint it red / Tonight, I'll lose my head / Tonight, I've got to get tonight / Monday I have Friday on my mind "

Still Got The Blues (For You)

"Though the days come and go / There is one thing I know / I've still got the blues for you."