MENA TALKSERIES: Culture in the City

I've been invited to take part in a panel discussion titled "Culture in the City" which will take place tomorrow at thejamjar between 7.30-9pm. If you are in the neighbourhood, please come along.

The talk is organised by TASMENA, a group based in Dubai. This is how they describe themselves:

TASMENA is flat and organic, we are all peers working for the betterment of humankind. no egos, no politics. Just doing good work. This structure will grow organically on its own and expand accordingly as the need arises with a design system of project-driven research, development and community engagement.

For their MENA TALKSERIES, TASMENA is addressing sustainable urban living solutions and how a community can make positive changes when it come to health, environmental and cultural issues. The aim is to have people living in this city join in dialogues and share their insights and concerns durng the talks.

The invite below has all the details. Here's the location map to thejamjar. Entry is free.