Maitha Bin Demithan

To the Moon

Maitha Bin Demithan is a young Emirati artist that is making a name for herself. I first met her in October 2008 at a photography workshop we attended at Tashkeel. The theme of our assignment was Documentation.

When she first presented the idea of documenting herself, I was fascinated by the fact that she chose a  scanner to do this. I saw her concept develop during this workshop and so glad to see it's now taken off and gained her recognition. Since then, she's added to this series and her work has been exhibited in several exhibitions in Dubai and abroad.

Maitha describes herself by saying:

Through my art I express my curiosity and wonder about life and the universe. I express my emotions and feelings, my subconscious and conscious experiences. I find that there are many questions in my head that yearn for an answer. My art pieces are ‘questions’ shown in a visual way, and are feedbacks I obtain through exploring the never ending depths of my mind, everything around me and the journey through life.

I look forward to seeing how this concept evolves and what will it lead to. Maitha is very committed to her art and I am certain she will continue to do great work and gain more recognition. I feel privileged that I had an insight to her work when she started this series and proud of her contribution to the art scene in Dubai.

Left: Flowers in my Garden Right: Blossom