Looking back at the London 2012 Olympics

Tom Jenkins

The London 2012 Olympics ended on 12th August and since then I've been suffering from post Olympics blues. I really enjoyed watching the games this year and I didn't miss watching anything else on TV.

There were some great moments, from Danny Boyle's brilliant opening ceremony to the closing ceremony (yes, it was cheesy and felt like a wedding disco, but it was a good laugh) and everything in between.

I must confess that I did feel like a lazy slob watching all the different sports and I know I need to be more active. Something I plan to do after Ramadan. 

So if like me, you too miss the Olympics, check out BBC's 10 ways to fill the Olympics void.

I also recommend you read When Was The Last Time You Did Something For The First Time? from The Cool Hunter which was also inpired by the Olympics

Now is the time to find out what you are here to do. How much can you do? What can you achieve?. How much fun can you have? How much can you give?


Now is the ideal time to experience your life. To LIVE your life. We all know this is not a rehearsal, yet we live as if it were.

I leave you with one last link. The Guardian has put together this London 2012: Olympic photographic highlights by award winning Guardian and Observer sport photographer Tom Jenkins who looks back at his favourite moments during his experience at the London 2012 Olympic Games. I can't embed the clip here, so click here or on the image below. 

Click on the image to see hear and watch the highlights

[images via The Guardian]