Loaded - Just Good Music

Once upon a time in Dubai, not so long ago, there used to a monthly night called Twisted Melons. It was a night dedicated to indie rock and was (still is) my all time favourite nights out in Dubai. It was one of most relaxed and fun nights out, the crowd, the music, the DJs - it all just worked. Not many places in Dubai had the same vibe and energy. Over the years, Twisted Melons had many homes, but I caught at its last two venues between 2004-2007 in Malecon and iBO (iBO is another favourite spot in Dubai that is sadly no more).

Since then, I've not really found an altenative. Some venues attempted to host indie nights, but they always lacked something. Although Freshly Laced (which celebrated its first anniversary last weekend) is a great addition to  the city's nightlife, I still miss my indie rock n roll nights. But I am hoping this changes soon.

A new night called Loaded is starting this Friday, 27th May at Casa Latina (Hotel Ibis Al Barsha) and is scheduled to return on the last Friday of every month. I interviewed Andy Buchan, the man behind Loaded to  find out more. Read the full interview below.

If you are tired of nights that consist of bad music; men with over-gelled hair, pointy shoes, unbuttoned shirts and women whose clothes and behaviour are frankly an embarrassment to the sisterhood - then Loaded should be a night for you.

Hoping to bump into my old dance floor buddies. Spread the word.

Interview with Andy Buchan


What can we expect from Loaded?
Good music, Dhs20 drinks and free entry - that simple. Musically, we'll play everything from 1960s funk to modern day indie and 1970s rock and roll to indie-electro. It's an indie night, but in the loose sense of the word - our tag line is Just Good Music and we'll be sticking to that.

Andy BuchanWho are the DJs? Will you have guest DJs or guest mixes?
The DJs are myself, Andy Buchan  and Simon Allen. We ran See You Next Friday, where we brought over a lot of fun acts (The FutureheadsThe SubwaysThe Dub Pistols) so we've got a fair bit of experience behind us, and recently won the award for the Best Alternative Night at the Time Out Nightlife Awards. The launch of Loaded also coincides with See You Next Friday's 3rd birthday, so there'll be birthday shots and cake on the night.

Why Casa Latina?
Our good friends at Freshly Laced have worked wonders at the venue, taking it from an unknown bar into a proper fun hangout - so we wanted to bring a fun indie edge to that on a monthly basis. It's relaxed, got great drinks and it's excellently located on Sheikh Zayed Road in Hotel Ibis, Al Barsha.

We've recently had indie bands from the region playing in Dubai, like Lumiand Mashrou' Leila. Will you consider playing music by bands from the region at Loaded?
Sure, we've always been big supporters of the local music scene and have had most of the bands in the city play in our old venue at Alpha. If you want to send us music, drop us a line on seeyounextfriday@gmail.com.

The invite on Facebook says "the music will be accompanied by cult cartoons, legendary music videos and classic films on Casa Latina's big screen". Can you let us know what will you be showing?
There's a massive projector screen, so we're going to be using it to full effect. Expect everything from Thundercats to Spike Jonze videos to classic 1980s and 1990s films.

I'm a huge fan of silent films, will you be showing some. I've got a small collection at home (hint..hint..).
We hadn't actually thought about going down the silent route, but any suggestions would be great!

Your top 5 tracks that you will play at Loaded this Friday?
Primal Scream - Loaded
Friendly Fires - Live Those Days Tonight
TV On The Radio - Second Song
Pixies - Here Comes My Man
The Chemical Brothers - Swoon

I will leave with with these two songs from Andy Buchan's top 5 - Primal Scream's Loaded that inspired the name of the new night and Live Those Days Tonight by Friendly Fires because I love the song and the video.