Live Event: If Tate Modern was Musée de la danse?

Boris Charmatz, Levée des conflits 2010, as part of BMW Tate Live: If Tate Modern was Musée de la danse? Photo © Hugo Glendenning 2015

A collaboration between Tate Modern in London and the Musée de la danse in Rennes will bring dance into the museum, to look at how the museum can be tranformed by dance and to ask how a "danced" or "choreographic" perspective can affect our understanding of the museum. 

Directed by dancer and choreographer Boris Charmatz, he suggests that "this transformation might, in part, be like wearing glasses with a corrective function that open people’s perception to the found choreography happening everywhere". 

Starting from the question: If Tate Modern was Musée de la danse? This project proposes a transformation of the art museum via the lens of dance.

For two days only, in collaboration with dancer and choreographer Boris Charmatz, around 90 dancers and choreographers will take over the gallery spaces and the iconic Turbine Hall.

See key works by Charmatz and his collaborators, get involved in a debate about what a dance museum could be and join in as contemporary dancers turn the Turbine Hall into a dance floor for everyone.

As Tate Modern becomes Musée de la danse temporarily, the project conjures a vision of how art might be presented and encountered differently in the future museum.

The all day event will take place over this Saturday and will be streamed live online here starting from 12.00hrs GMT on 16th May, so if you're not in London like me, you can still join in and experience this event. More details and complete  schedule and more details can be found here.  

Here's a video with Boris Charmatz talking about transforming Tate Modern into a Museum of Dance this weekend.