Legion of Extraordinary Dancers

I don't just love watching kids dance, I actually love dancing and love watching brilliant dancers even more. So here's a post about the Legion of Extraordinary Dancers (LXD) - an elite group of dancers that will launch a new online dance series sometime this year, bringing us the "most innovative, entertaining performances that tell great stories".


They made their first TV appearance last December on So You Think You Can Dance (one of my favourite shows) and since then, they've created a buzz for themselves. They announced a few days ago they will be performing at next month's Oscars award ceremony,  and last night, they were at TED 2010. They were in the session titled Invention and described as "Dance adventurers" in the program. According to  LXD's Twitter and Facebook status from last night, they "received the longest standing ovation in TED's history".



I personally cannot wait for this dancing adventure to be revealed online. It's like they are the superheroes of the dancing world.

LXD on YouTube
LXD on Twitter
LXD on Facebook