Jung Lee at Green Art Gallery

Jung Lee, I Want To Be Your Love, 2012, C-type Print, 136 × 170 cm

Korean artist Jung Lee has a solo exhibition in Green Art Gallery that is on till 12th November 2013.

I visited the gallery yesterday and quite liked the images. They are very atmospheric, with a sense of reflection (I do wish there was more written material about each image).  

Below are some of the photos that can be found at the exhibition, including the gallery's write up explaining Jung Lee's series. 

Working across sculpture and photography, the exhibition will present works from both her Aporia and Day and Night Series.

Aporia, meaning “coming to a dead end” in Greek, was inspired by Roland Barthes’s “A Lover’s Discourse” that tells the story of the ineptitudes of people in love. According to Barthes, when one falls in love the beloved becomes a mystery and one will ceaselessly try to figure out the reasons for their mysterious feelings. The desire to express one’s love produces lies and conflicts leading to a dead end.

Jung Lee, How Could You Do This To Me?, 2011, C-type Print, 136 x 170 cm

For Lee, those empty phrases reveal the solitude and sorrow of modern people today.

Inspired by Barthes’s close reading of desire and love, Lee slows everything down patiently analyzing that most intense and overwhelming of states, unanswered desire - the language of complete love and the deep solitary state it throws the lover into. 

Jung Lee, I still Remember, 2010, C-type Print, 136 x 170 cm

Collecting cliched expressions of love and hatred- very much like Barthes’s collections of of hesitations, stammerings and gasps- Lee places them in deserted landscapes in the form of neon text sculptures, mimicking cold neon signs so often found in cities.

Jung Lee, I Dream Of You, 2012, C-type Print, 170 x 136 cmJung Lee, Day and Night #3, 2012, C-type Print, 175 × 140 cm

The result is a group of beautiful and melancholy empty landscape photographs, contrasting sentimental phrases such as “I still remember”, “Once in a lifetime” and “How could you do this to me?”, with stark layouts of deserted plains or barren snow fields. 

Jung Lee, Why? #2, 2010, C-type Print, 136 x 170 cm

In the works entitled Day and Night, Lee focused on 'God' and 'Love' as the two main words reflecting her interpretation of Dante's Divine Comedy where he highlighted the belief that true faith and love would lead you to heaven.

Lee produces a cluster of those “divine” words and places them floating over the sea as reproductions or in a heap, demonstrating one’s desire to salvation.  

Jung Lee, Day and Night #2, 2012, C-type Print, 140 x 175 cm

Thus Lee’s constructed photographs evoke amorous intensity with a coolness that enables the viewers to find their own way into this world, to have their memories stirred, to consider what it means to be alive in time. 

Jung Lee, The End, 2010, C-type Print,100 x 125 cm

Event details

Date: Exhibition is on till 12th November 2013, Saturday-Thursday 10.00am-7.00pm

Venue: Green Art Gallery, Alserkal Avenue, Al Quoz 1, Street 8 (location map)