Johnny Cash would be 78 today


If Johnny Cash was alive today, he'd be celebrating his 78th birthday. Flavorwire compiled a great list of 78 things you didn't know about Johnny Cash. Here are my favourite 5 from that list:

  • During his stint in the Air Force, Cash learned to translate Russian Morse code.
  • Cash’s advice on living life on the road: “Back in 1957, there was no Extra Crispy. Other than that, it’s the same.”
  • In 1984, when Cash felt that his record label was ignoring him, he released an intentionally awful album called Chicken in Black, with a title song about Cash’s brain being transplanted into the body of a chicken.
  • He used to carry around a jar of instant coffee and ladle spoonfuls of it into the coffee he ordered in restaurants.
  • Cash once stuck a bowie knife into a hotel room’s reproduction of the Mona Lisa that didn’t meet his standards.


After reading the whole list, I wanted to post my favourite Johnny Cash song, Hurt. Even though it is a cover version, I think he owns this one. I love it to pieces.