Insula - Concert in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

The French band Insula will be performing their blend of Afro-Caribbean jazz and Algerian music in Dubai on Saturday, 14th April at Alliance Francaise at 3pm and in Abu Dhabi on Monday, 16th April at the Abu Dhabi Theatre close to Marina Mall at7.30pm

INSULA is a French group of three musicians who play Caribbean jazz with Arabic-Andalusian rhythms. They compose music with original sounds mixing the Arabian Lute and the piano, combining traditional and modern music. “Insula” also has a great deal of African influence so Arabic and Algerian sounds feature prominently in their compositions.

This French band is formed by musicians, with Maher Beauroy (Piano-Martinique), Redha Benabdallah (Oud-Algeria) and Adriano Tenorio (Percussions-Brazil) in tribute to the writer Frantz Fanon, prominent figure in Martinique and in Algeria. 

Inspired by the Arab-Andalusian music and the modern Caribbean jazz, the group offers a bold music, rich in sensitivity and color, building a bridge between tradition and modernity in the footsteps of the great thinker and militant anti-colonialist Frantz Fanon.