Imagine Science Abu Dhabi 2016

Imagine Science Abu Dhabi is a new science film forum in the Middle East. It was launched in Abu Dhabi last year and the second edition is back with a film festival between 18th-20th February and an art exhibition between 18th-23rd February.   

This year's edition promises to be "even bigger and more multi-faceted". 

Primarily encompassing a series of short and feature film screenings and a new sci-art exhibition, the festival will host panel discussions, Q&As, talks, workshops, and performances, on a wide variety of pertinent scientific and sci-inspired subjects from simulation to ecological balance, from weather to future archaeological record.

In addition, in the weeks leading up to the festival Imagine Science Films will be promoting film and science throughout the region through talks, collaborations, and outreach.

ATMOSPHERES is a sci-art exhibition held in conjunction with the Imagine Science Film Festival Abu Dhabi, the NYUAD Arts Center, and the NYUAD Art Gallery. The show includes a unique roster of international artists whose works complement the films and expand guests’ interest in the intersection between science and art, all while exploring ‘atmospheres’ in both a literal and metaphoric sense.

How do we understand that which is all around us, but can’t be seen? The show will feature everything from art that engages with scientific topics to aesthetically striking scientific data and images in it’s attempt to answer that question. 

Complete details and schedule can be found here