Idea..Moment..Message by Sameer Al-Jabri

This video by Sameer Al-Jabri features photographers Bader Al Awadi, Omar Al Zaabi and one of my friends, Ammar Al Attar talking about their work and their different approaches to it, from analogue to digital. It also touches upon the art of photography and even though almost everyone is a photographer these days, it takes a while to become an artist.

About this video,

"Photographers in the past used to go through lots of stages to get one photograph. The word 'photographer' couldn’t be given to any one. Nowadays with all the technology that we have, photography has become very effortless. Technology has hit the market with all those digital auto-focus cameras. The word 'photographer' has started to become meaningless since any camera can do the photographer’s job.

My documentary film features some of the best Emirati photographers that have been taking photos for many years. all of them are really innovative and very creative and each have his own style." Sameer Al-Jabri

For the longest time, photography wasn't taken very seriously here, it was always treated as a hobby. But I'm glad to see a change over the past few years, where we have home grown talent pursuing commercial and art photography.