Ice Cream by Sydney Southam

Ice Cream by Sydney Southam is a very touching short film made of 16mm footage from her father's childhood.

This piece explores themes of memory, innocence lost, and death. I am using footage depicting my family, shot decades before I was born, to explore my own complicated relationship with my childhood which ended abruptly with the suicide of my father when I was seven years old. Here, Ice Cream acts as a metaphor for a youth that we all experience and mourn once it is gone. 

It's a finalist in the Kopparberg Cider & Vice magazine Film competition and will be screened along with the other finalists on 7th July at The Old Blue Last in London.

This is my favourite out of the finalists and I hope it wins. If you like it too, there's still time to vote for it. You need to RSVP to the Kopparberg Klash Series: Flim Finalists Party event on Facebook and click on "Like" underneath the film.