Holga Book and Moscow Myths by Julija Svetlova

I first saw Julija Svetlova's photography on Lomography in 2004  and have been an admirer of her work ever since. She was was born in Sibera and grew up on the edge of Perestroika in Lithuania and is now a London-based art photographer.

Julija's just published a book called the Holga Book that I can't wait to get my hands on. It's full of gorgeous photos taken with a Holga camera during Julija's travels over the past few years.

This book sums up my 6-year love affair with the medium-format Holga camera. I was given it by the Lomographic Society International back in 2003 and have never let go of it since. We have been everywhere together: from Russia to South Africa, from Valencia to Lechlade-on-Thames. It is a square format miracle, colorful and full of life. You can enjoy this book yourself or give it to that someone special in your life. It’s truly inspirational! It can teach you that you don't necessarily need an expensive digital camera to make beautiful photographs. Made to be perused and enjoyed!

You can preview the book and buy it from Blurb.com.


Photos from Holga Book

Julija is also going to have her first solo exhbition in the UK called Moscow Myths where she explores the current obsession with everything Russian: from the decomposing remains of the Soviet Union, to Kremlin stars, fur hats and Rodchenko posters which are replicated as often as those of Che Guevara.

Moscow Myths exhibition details:
Dates: 10th July - 5th September 2010
Gallery: The Front View, Whitstable, Kent, UK