Hermigervill and Berndsen live at Bad House Party on 5th March 2015

On Thursday, 5th March 2015, Dubai will get a taste of electro/synth/pop music from Iceland, a double bill no less, featuring Hermigervill and Brendsen, thanks to Bad House Party. If you are familiar with this blog or know my interests, you won’t be surprised to know I almost fainted when I heard the news. Anything Icelandic makes me happy, especially the music.

Bad House Party started in September 2013, a monthly night of indie/punk/electro music put together by a group mostly non-professional DJs and friends who invite their other friends to guest DJ. It’s a night that offers an alternative to the commercial music and DJ nights in the city. 

In the past we've had nights like this come and go (Twisted Melons, Freshly Laced and Loaded to name a few), all ending a few years after starting for various reasons (founders of these events leaving the countries or moving on to do other things).   

Over the past year Bad House Party's following has been increasing, mostly by people who are there for the music. I'm not a regular myself, mainly because I’m not a fan of the venue (Casa Latina at Ibis), the music can be bit of a hit or miss depending on who is DJing and the crowd is slightly on the immature side - or maybe I'm now just too old for nights like this. 

Having said all that, I am EXTREMELY EXCITED about the gig on 5th March which will be Bad House Party's 17th edition and the first live performance night. I like this new direction, and if this night will be a success, we can expect more exciting and edgy bands/DJs (which I hope will also include acts closer to home, including the UAE). 

Hermigervill and Brendsen have collaborated together, but also have their own music projects. A little bit about each one: 



© Hind Mezaina - Hermigervill (Reykjavik, November 2013)

I first watched Hermigervill during an online live stream of a performance that was part of Iceland Airwaves 2012 Off-Venue programme and was smitten. I then saw him live when I first visited Iceland in February 2013 for Sonar Reykjavik and several times in November 2013 at Iceland Airwaves and fell in love with him even more.

Hermigervill is fun, energetic, dorky and will get you dancing with his theremin, synths and his wild red hair. 

The following is a small selection of his music to give you a taste; the first video will give you an idea of his live performance. Really looking forward to seeing how the Dubai crowd will react to him and his music. 


I have not seen Brendsen live, but I do like his music. A lot.

A man whose love of the 80s is at his very core, David Berndsen is a bearded iconic pop figure in Iceland, famous for his sound and various videos that recreate an era and a distinct moment in time when music (and the costumes and aesthetics) from groups such as Soft Cell, OMD, Yazoo, Visage, the Human League and Ultravox triumphed worldwide.  via berndsen.bandcamp.com

My kind of music. Here's what to expect. 

Music heads of Dubai, DON'T MISS THIS. It will be synthastic.


Event details

Date: Thursday, March 5th, 2015

Location: Casa Latina, Ibis Hotel in Barsha, Dubai (location map). 

Ticket: AED 100

Doors: 9:00 pm to 2:45 am (Resident Bad House Party DJs will be on till around midnight before Hermigervill and Brendsen).