Happy New Year

Happy new year. I saw this sign a few weeks ago in Dubai and think it's an appropriate message to share with you here for the new year.

So many of us are always busy and in a hurry, so here's to a year of slowing down, or "slow speed" as this sign says. 

Personally, 2014 was a fun year for me and hope for more adventures in 2015. Last January, I said my wish for 2014 was to focus on my photography, which to an extent I did, in addition to lots of travelling and attending film festivals.  

For this year, I plan to continue focusing on my photography, and with an upcoming artist residency I should be able to focus all my energy on producing new work. (Will tell you more about this artist residency in a separate blogpost soon.)

We all go through our ups and downs and hope 2015 will have more ups for each and everyone of us. When it came to world news, 2014 was one of the most depressing years. Here's hoping for a better 2015.

And the words of Pet Shop Boys, "I hope it's gonna be alright..."