Happy New 2014


So, another year is coming to an end. It's crazy how fast time flies by, or does it feel like that the older you get? Compared to last December, I am in a happier state of mind and looking back and have some very fond memories of 2013.

On of my major 2013 highlight was quitting my day job (one of the biggest and hardest decisions I made), and since then, I've been in 'holiday' mode and travelling frequently for the past few months. I've

My other big highlight of the year was travelling to Reykjavik. Twice. I love it there and can't wait to go back in 2014.

I also travelled to the US for the first time this summer and went to New York. My travels over the past few months took me to Amsterdam, London, Paris and Venice. I went to some great exhibitions, and music concerts and festivals and looking forward to more cultural adventures in 2014.

Speaking of cultural adventures, I was so happy to be part of SIKKA where I had a physical space for the blog for 10 days, with The Culturist at House 9. And more blog happiness for recently winning Best Blogger in du's Social Media Awards

Here's to new adventures in 2014. Wishing you all a fabulous 2014 and thank you as always for visiting.