Happy Birthday Behaviour

One of my favourite bands, Pet Shop Boys is celebrating 25 years of the release of their album Behaviour.

I've been listening to Pet Shop Boys since I was a teen and Being Boring from this album is one of my favourite songs by them. Actually, my number one favourite song by them.  

Here's an article from The Guradian from 2010 about Why Pet Shop Boys' Being Boring is the perfect pop song

Being Boring has followed me through my own teenage parties, student days, fumbled relationships and drunken evenings. In the summer it feels nostalgic, rose-tinted; in the winter it's a sun-beam, a cause for celebration.

"I remember dancing to this," says one of the hundreds of comments on YouTube, "and I'd get tears in my eyes thinking of all the friends and lovers I've lost, where my life has gone and where it ended up."

In short, does another song evoke, so perfectly, the sigh of experience with the hope of living?