Hamlet/Ur Hamlet by Theater Mitu at NYUAD Arts Center

Theater Mitu will be performing Hamlet/Ur Hamlet at NYUAD Arts Center between 16th till 18 April 2015. Described as "part installation, part theater, part rock concert", the source of the text is from William Shakespeare.   

Imagine Shakespeare’s Hamlet has been buried in a mass grave with its predecessors, Saxo Grammaticus’ Amleth, Belleforest’s Hamlet and the originating Scandinavian mythologies of this epic (known as the UR-Hamlet).

Among all of these buried bodies of text live the memories of death, madness, revenge, compassion, and love that plague the human existence. Now imagine Theater Mitu unearths this grave.

Resisting a traditional staging of Hamlet, Theater Mitu investigates these remains as material that amplifies, explores and wrestles with what it is to be born, to truly live and to die.

Part installation, part theater, part rock concert— the piece both harmonizes with and revolts against Hamlet’s narratives, languages and histories. Theater Mitu challenges the boundaries between classical adaptation and contemporary performance with this site-specific, hyper-theatricalized production. 

Two things, I'm so happy NYU Abu Dhabi has an Arts Center and I love the description "part installation, part theater, part rock concert".  

A few months ago, there was a performance inspired by Frankenstein titled "Organs, Tissues and Candy" by Zoukak Theatre Company which I sadly missed. Unfortunately, I won't be in town for Hamlet/Ur Hamlet, but I'm really glad to see experimental theatre taking shape at NYU Abu Dhabi. 

Hamlet/Ur Hamlet is open to the public and free to attend, but you must reserve a ticket in advance. I heard they're going fast, so hurry up if you're interested in this.  


Event details


Thursday and Friday, 16th-17th April at 8.00pm

Saturday, 18th April at 2.00pm and 8.00pm 

Venue: NYU Abu Dhabi Arts Center, Saadiyat Island, Abu Dhabi (how to get there and location map)

Free entry, but you must reserve a ticket in advance here.