Go Skateboarding Day

I found out late in the day that its Go Skateboarding Day. This global event began in 2003 and its to "celebrate the pure exhilaration, creativity, and spirit of one of the most infuential activities in the world by blowing off all other obligations to go skateboarding".

Had I known this earlier.. I would have stepped outside and pretended to know how to skate. Ah well,  guess I will prepare for next year.

In the meantime, to honour the small but very active skateboarding scene in the United Arab Emirates, enjoy the following clips.

Red Bull Manny Mania is held around the world searching for the most skilled technicians on skateboards. The event is based on the manual skate trick (where Red Bull Manny Mania got its name from) a balancing act that is a must-do in any new skateboarder’s skill set and yet can be made extremely difficult with limitless combinations. Amateur skateboarders attempting to balance on two wheels, hope their technical trickery will earn them a coveted spot in the Red Bull Manny Mania Pro Event skating against manual masters.

Dubai hosted it's event on 7th May 2010 at the Fruit and Vegetable Market. I love the fact that it was held there, because it was accessible to an audience that is not used to seeing any skateboarding.

Wild in the streets of Abu Dhabi was filmed in August 2009 by Skate Arabia and it makes me glad to see kids are actually doing something fun that doesn't involve hanging out in a shopping mall.


Skate Vacation in Dubai by scared101 was filmed in March 2007 with various cameras including Super 8. Yes... Super 8.