Giorgio Moroder's First-Ever DJ Set


I heard about Giorgio Moroder doing his first ever DJ set (aged 73) at Deep Space, a Red Bull Music Academy Special at the Output club in New York recently and today I found out his set from the night can be heard online

I listened to it several times, it is Moroder-tastic and had to share it with you. It includes some cracking electro and disco tunes, including several Donna Summer classics. You even get to hear from the man himself. Hang a large discoball from the ceiling, turn down the lights and dance to this.

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Full tracklist can be found here.

One of the true greats of disco and electronic music, Giorgio Moroder brought a very European aesthetic to black American dance grooves. Although Italian by upbringing, Moroder did most of his work in Munich and the influence of Düsseldorf’s Kraftwerk can be heard in his work for Donna Summer, which includes two of the ultimate disco anthems, I Feel Love and Love To Love You Baby. This was motorik music: spacious, trippy, ever-lasting, far removed from the relentless bounce of most disco.

Giorgio Moroder is also a supreme composer of soundtracks, scoring an unlikely success with The Chase, the theme from Midnight Express, and his footprints are all over British synth-pop, from Pet Shop Boys to New Order to Human League. It was with the latter’s Phil Oakey that he got his biggest self-credited hit in 1984, Together In Electric Dreams. (via RBMA Radio)

Bonus Giorgio Moroder love, listen to this one hour long Dazed Digital Mix: The Giorgio Moroder Masterclass mixed by Wriggly Scott to celebrate Dazed's Daft Punk vs Giorgio Moroder cover feature,

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