French Cinema at Alliance Française Dubai - January and February 2019

Alliance Française Dubai has a new line up of French films screening in January and February.

La deuxième étoile / Let It Snow (Lucien Jean-Baptiste, 2017)
January 15 at 7.30pm
January 19 at 5pm

Let it Snow_Alliance Francaise Dubai.jpg

Jean-Gabriel has decided to take his entire family to spend Christmas vacation in the mountains. And this time, there better be no hiccups.

But he hadn't counted on his mother showing up from the West Indies, his children who don't want to go away, Jojo who leaves him with his Hummer, and his wife who tells him that she's got to look after her father whom she hasn't seen since she told him she was marrying Jean-Gabriel.

But for Jean-Gabriel, family is sacred and so is Christmas!


Tout nous sépare / All That Divides Us (Thierry Klifa ,2017)
February 5 at 7:30pm 
February 9 at 5pm

All That Divides Us.jpg

In Sète, a bourgeois family in a house in the middle of nowhere clashes with slum-dwellers residing in the projects.

A mother and a daughter. Two childhood friends. A disappearance. Blackmail. Catherine Deneuve plays a mother trying desperately to save her daughter (Diane Kruger) from a questionable relationship. 


Tueurs / Above the Law (Jean-François Hensgens and François Troukens, 2017)
February 19 at 7:30pm 
February 23 at 5pm

Above the Law.jpg

Frank Valken, a crack thief, has just carried out a final masterful robbery with no hiccups. At least that's what he thinks.

Ideal suspects, Valken and his gang find themselves caught up in a criminal case resurrected after thirty years. It would seem that crazy killers are back in town and on the loose.