For the Love of Film - The Film Preservation Blogathon 13th-17th May 2015

For the Love of Film: The Film Preservation Blogathon is back this year, aiming to raise $10,000 to restore, score, and stream Cupid in Quarantine, a film from 1918. For the last blogathon, money was raised for The White Shadow



Cupid in Quarantine (1918), a one-reel Strand Comedy that tells the story of a young couple conspiring to stay together by staging a smallpox outbreak. 

Moving Picture Review said: “It is a good story, handled well by Miss Elinor Field… [whose] vivaciousness permeates the entire picture, filling it with life and action and a humor that is contagious.”

Cupid in Quarantine is being repatriated to the United States from the EYE Filmmuseum in the Netherlands by the National Film Preservation Foundation. Once restored and set to music, this film will be available online for anyone and everyone to view and enjoy absolutely free of charge.  

via Ferdy on Film

The theme for this year's blogathon is science fiction, in keeping with the science-based premise of the film Cupid in Quarantine. This year's host blogs include: 

Ferdy on Film will host on 13-14 May
This Island Rod will host on 15-16 May
Wonders in the Dark will host on 17 May

If you want to take part, let one of the hosts know by leaving a comment on their blogposts about For the Love of Film - The Film Preservation Blogathon by clicking on one of the following links; Ferdy on Film, The Island Rod, Wonders in the Dark

Look out for my science fiction themed contributions later this week, so please come back to read them and I hope you can donate to the blogathon as well. This is the 4th edition of the Film Preservation blogathon, I've taken part in the last two, you can read my posts here.