For Hire - Bangalore Rickshaw by Xaver Xylophon

I really like this animated video by Xaver Xylophon called For Hire - Bangalore Rickshaw. I love the colours and the style of animation.

I would love to see his animation of other cities as I imagine it would make a great series of video travel guides. I also imagine his drawings would look great in books too. Here's hoping to seeing more work by Xaver Xylophon. 

Green, yellow, black. They are the blood in the veins of Bangalore: the 450.000 rickshaws and their drivers. Knocked together from bits and pieces, decorated, ready for the junk heap or carefully maintained like antique cars, the vehicles are as charismatic as their owners, who brave the monstrous traffic of this metropolis daringly, sleepy, chattering or stoic, making sure the passanger's trip from A to B will be full of memorable experiences. 

Based on days of riding around in rickshaws and drawings made locally, this animation captures the tough workaday life of a rickshaw driver, seen through the eyes of a European visitor.