Flamingods - Rhama

Flamingods premiered their latest single Rhama on i-D last week. Pronounced as 'fla-min-gods', the Bahrain/London based band have been making a name for themselves over the past few years, performing live at various festivals and music venues (they had a live gig in Dubai a couple of years ago at The Music Room).

I'm glad to hear they have a new song.

About the song (via i-D)

Rhama was one of the first songs we worked on for the album and an important one, lyrically. It follows the story of a character who has lost their sense of culture and seeks to find it. Through ridding himself of material things and following the path of the sun, he attempts to find his purpose in the world. It's partly inspired by Holy Mountain, and partly by my own experiences of not being able to speak my supposed mother tongue of Arabic and as a result, feeling disconnected from my Bahraini roots.

The music follows a sample taken from Sublime Frequencies 'Radio India' series. We received the permission from Alan Bishop himself who it turns out, much to our delight, is a fan of the band. Sun City Girls are of course, a huge influence for us.

The song embodies an important dimension of our music: repetition and the idea of cycles. It was written within a day and though we spent the next few months trying to evolve it, we concluded that it was done all along.

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